Testimonial 3

The products are lightweight and give me a happy feeling, both because of how they look and how they feel on my skin. They are never orange or cakey and spread beautifully. Your skin never feels tight. I’m blessed with good genes but you have to help it along. It’s an age-saver and I never want to be a day without it.

Corinne H., Orland Park, IL
Customer for 30+ Years

Testimonial 2

I especially love the Honey & Almond Masque, which is so gentle on your face but makes the skin feel so much nicer. I use the mink oil every morning: my skin drinks it right up. People are shocked to learn I’m 60! We’ve been in the beauty business for 25 years and seen many lines demonstrated, but I remain faithful to Emlin.

Joan S., Tucson, AZ
Customer for 27+ Years

Testimonial 1

I have no wrinkles or lines around my eyes. The products have really helped a lot. I use the mink oil and Soft Awakening every day, as well as Emlin’s Under Eye Cover Creme, foundation and blush; those are my basics. The foundation doesn’t weigh you down: everything blends into the skin, so it’s part of it and not on top of it.

Judy G., Farmington, MI
Customer for 20+ Years